Monday, October 18, 2010

Like father, like son

If you didn't notice yet, I have what some call a 'warped' sense of humor. I'm not sure what that means, perhaps I find things funny that others don't. I think I just do a good job of finding humor in things others don't. Nevertheless, here's a little life story that I kept in my memory bank.

I'm sure that at some time in your educational experience, highschool or college, you have been or encountered a cheater. If you do work hard, it can piss you off at times to see cheaters skate by. Sometimes they get caught but usually that squeak by. One night at dinner my SEVEN YEAR OLD son shared this with me. It should be a lesson for you all....and it makes me a proud father.

Me: "So what did you do in school today?"
Son: "I played a trick on Martha". (being a practical joker, I'm skeptical of his ability to 'trick')

Me: "Really, what kinda trick?" (being a practical joker myself, I was skeptical of his ability to 'trick')
Son: "We took a math test today and I could tell she was cheating off me."
Me: "So how did you trick her?"

Son: "Well when I saw her trying to cheat off me I started counting and saying the wrong answer kinda loud, sorta like I was talking to myself. After I saw her write the number down, I wrote the right answer on my test."

Me: "Do you know how proud you just made me?" (tear, gulp!)
Son: "Can I get Mech Assault now for Xbox."

Me: "Consider it done".

Yesiree---that's my boy!

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