Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Almost Garage Sale

I love garage sales. I go to them almost every Saturday morning and what I find goes up on eBay. It's become a nice revenue stream to satisfy my other habit - buying electronic gadgets for no apparent reason. In any event, the following happened to me one Saturday morning as I was heading out.

While driving out of my neighborhood I saw that a neighbor was having a garage sale, stuff was all out in the driveway and one of their cars was parked on the street in front of the house. People do this to keep the shoppers from driving in their grass.

One of the homeowners must'e been out putting the signs up in the other car so I whipped into their driveway to get the early bird deals. No one was outside but that didn't matter, I've been to many garage sales where the homeowners were going in and out of the house to get more stuff.

This particular sale was mostly tools. I don't have many tools so I snapped up a 'like new' wet-dry shop vac and was going through a tool box when the guy came out. It went like this:

Neighbor: "Can I help you?"
Me: "Yeah, how much for the shop vac?" (I was holding it)

Neighbor: "The shop vac isn't for sale."
Me: "Oh, sorry, what about this socket and ratchet, it looks new!"

Neighbor: "It is. Do you think this is a garage sale or something? It's not, I moved everything out of the garage to seal the garage floor, we aren't selling anything."

Me: "Oh........uh.....ok."

Needless to say I put the stuff down and left feeling like the total loser I was :)

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